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by Property Forum | Report

Sierra Balmain has published its first ESG report. Among its achievements, the company highlights e.g., reducing electricity consumption by 40% in managed facilities, implementing projects designed to benefit local communities, as well as an effective equal opportunities policy in its own organization.

“Cooperation between society and businesses from all possible industries is essential to meet the challenges facing the environment today and to take steps towards solving many social problems. We are aware of the significant impact of the real estate industry on these areas. As a socially responsible company, we feel obliged to contribute to improving the quality of life of the communities in which we operate”, says Paulina Szymczukiewicz, Head of Marketing of Sierra Balmain.

According to the report, Sierra Balmain emphasizes pro-social initiatives at the local level, especially aimed at children and families. Shopping centres managed by the company have many successful campaigns in cooperation with NGOs or local institutions, such as the “Safe Holidays” project in Galeria nad Jeziorem in Konin, “Adoption Action” in Gdańsk’s Osowa Shopping Centre, “Community fridge” in Wrocław’s Borek Shopping Centre and the participation of Pasaż Łódzki in the “MotoMikołaje” campaign.

The report highlights Sierra Balmain’s energy-saving strategy, which resulted in a 40% reduction in electricity consumption and 15% of heating gas consumption in the facilities managed by the company. As announced, the company is also preparing to implement solutions to reduce its carbon footprint.

“Caring for the planet is a priority in the strategies we implement both in the shopping centres we manage, in our office logistic buildings and in our own workplace. The success of our activities can be proved by the fact that as many as seven of shopping centres we manage have and maintain the prestigious Breeam In-Use certificate, awarded to facilities that meet strict environmental and social requirements”, emphasizes Dorota Suchodolska, Head of Operations at Sierra Balmain.

One good practice, internal to the company, is to support equal opportunity and non-discrimination, as well as to implement family-friendly solutions. As a result, 87% of management positions in the organization are held by women.

This is the first ESG report published by Sierra Balmain, but there are plans to present similar summaries regularly.

“For 20 years, we have been trying to base the functioning of our company on the pillars of ESG. We are glad that we can finally present the effects of our activities in the form of a report we can share today. It is not only a summary of our achievements, but also a motivation to continue our social responsibility and set new directions on this green path. In addition, transparency towards our contractors, honesty and openness to their suggestions are paramount values for us, which is why we plan to systematically report our achievements in the ESG area”, announced Aleksandra Mazzini, Chief Operating Officer at Sierra Balmain.