News Article Banská Bystrica food court renovation retail shopping Slovakia
by Property Forum | Retail

The food court in the Europa Shopping Center in Banská Bystrica has undergone significant changes, reports It offers bigger choice of F&B options, new premises and self-service ordering kiosks as improved UX for their customers.

Kiosks allow visitors to place orders quickly and easily, which can significantly reduce waiting time in lines and increase service speed. Payment is possible by card, not in cash.

Entering the order directly into the system minimizes the risk of errors associated with communication between the customer and the staff. Clients can also choose specific ingredients, side dishes and the number of servings. At the same time, they are not under stress and have more time to choose their food. Each operation has its own kiosk at the entrance to the zone.

Self-service restaurant kiosks are becoming popular as a supplement to traditional ordering methods and can help reduce waiting time until the staff takes orders. They help improve operational efficiency, service speed and overall customer experience. Deployment of kiosks on such a scale is not common in Slovakia. The shopping centre in Banská Bystrica decided to renovate a food court after several years of operation.