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by Property Forum | Report

Communication consultancy Șerban & Musneci Associates has launched SMA Real Estate Kluster, a new division that is exclusively dedicated to the Romanian property market. 

The company said the expansion comes on the backdrop of the visible maturation of real estate companies in recent years and their increased investment in marketing and communication departments. 

Șerban & Musneci Associates real estate clients have a combined value of over €1 billion in assets and include Cosmopolis, Pedro Construct, ARQA and Nusco Imobiliara among others. 

“Our real estate portfolio is constantly growing because we consider the specifics of each of our clients, whether they are a builder, developer, sales agency, architect or designer. Through SMA Real Estate Kluster, we are becoming one of the most powerful communication facilitators for the real estate industry,” says Roberto Musneci, Senior Partner, Co-Founder of Șerban & Musneci Associates. 

Bogdan Grigoraș, Head of Public Relations Șerban & Musneci Associates, added that they noticed a strong need for real estate companies to receive effective, integrated solutions for all their needs from one team. 

SMA Real Estate Kluster relies mainly on the real estate experience of Simona Macovei and Sergiu Voicu for the creation and implementation of strategies. 

Șerban & Musneci Associates was founded in 2003 by Roberto Musneci and Alex Șerban.