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The ability to analyse how a building is used and to adapt the indoor environment accordingly is a clear example of a trend that is not only here to stay but will only grow in importance. By simply monitoring occupancy, building managers and owners can reduce costs and increase lease income. At the same time, occupants can enjoy a series of features that make their lives easier and allow them to work more productively. Proptech company Spaceti, which will be featured at Prague Property Forum 2018, introduces its solutions.

Smart buildings are one of Dimension Data’s top IT trends for 2018 and total revenue in the category is expected to reach $4.6 billion in 2022. Occupancy analytics are set of tools embedded in smart building systems that allow building managers to monitor and adjust operations within a facility to optimise costs while allowing occupants to personalise their environment and make their working day easier.
With the increasing popularity of hot-desking and flexible HR policies, employers are under growing pressure to adopt intelligent solutions that will make offices run more smoothly. The solution from Spaceti, a firm committed to digitally transforming how buildings are used, can provide an example of how occupancy analytics revolutionise the office experience.


The system comes in even before you leave for the office. Check the availability of parking and book a space before you leave. Not only that, but you can also reserve a workspace and set your ideal temperature and lighting level before departing the house. Once you arrive, the Spaceti system will guide you to your parking spot and then to your preferred workspace. You can broadcast your position to your co-workers, facilitating collaboration. If a light is broken or there’s any other problem with the workspace, filing the issue is only a few clicks of the app away.
For building managers, the system allows the tickets to be assigned nearly immediately to the most appropriate staff member, facilitating a quick resolution and increasing tenant satisfaction. The real benefits for owners, however, come from the ability to collect valuable building usage data. Occupancy data can be leveraged to change operations in real time, saving costs according to actual usage.


Over the long term, usage statistics from the Spaceti system can allow building operators and owners to really see how traffic is routed throughout the facility as well as other indicators. This knowledge can then help optimise heating, cooling, and lighting regimes. On top of that, owners can get greater insight into the value of their properties and adjust leases accordingly.
The Spaceti Stone creates the backbone of the system. These sensors can be attached to chairs to determine if it is occupied or vacant. They also measure temperature, CO2 and other environmental values while also creating an indoor wayfinding network. The stones can also be attached to important items and points in the office, helping people find everything from coffee machines to copiers. These features, from the navigation system to the temperature controls and reservation system, can all be accessed through the Spaceti smart device app, making it easier for occupants to control and report on their environment.
Max  Verteletskyi

Max Verteletskyi


Max is co-founder and CEO of Spaceti. He has stated that the goal of Spaceti is to improve the everyday life of people and organisations by helping them save time orienting in space and make indoor environments safer and more efficient. Max spend extended periods in several countries and consider himself to be a global citizen. He earned certification as a Well Accredited Professional. More »
Spaceti CEO Max Verteletskyi will be one of the speakers of Prague Property Forum 2018, to be held on May 29. The firm has developed and installed numerous smart wayfinding and smart office solutions for a broad range of clients. Max will participate in the Innovation vs. Buildings: The Future of the Workplace panel that will discuss the benefits of implementing digital technologies in offices.