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Property Forum’s annual SEE Property Forum Award Ceremony will take place during SEE Property Forum on 24 October 2023. The list of award categories is already available and nominations are now open until September 11th. Property Forum’s Country Manager for Romania Fulvia Meirosu and CEO Csanád Csürös answered all potential questions related to the nomination process and explained how the winners will be selected.

What’s the goal of the Awards?

SEE Property Forum Awards celebrate the best projects, most impactful transactions and most inspiring personalities and companies in the Romanian real estate market.

What are the categories?

  • Concept of the Year (projects that are planned or under construction)
  • Project of the Year – Office / Retail / Logistics / Residential (projects completed since Q4 2022)
  • Lease Transaction of the Year – Office / Retail / Logistics (transactions announced since Q4 2022)
  • Investment Deal of the Year (deals announced since Q4 2022)
  • Construction Company of the Year
  • Real Estate Company of the Year
  • ESG Journey of the Year
  • Financing Story of the Year
  • Personality of the Year

How can I nominate my company, colleague or transaction? Do I need to fill out a nomination form?

No, you don’t need to fill out any form. We are accepting nominations at with a short description and photo of the company, person or project.

Is there a cost for making a nomination?

No, of course not. It’s free of charge.

What happens after the nomination period ends on September 11th?

Besides the nominations we receive, we’ll also take into consideration market data, generously provided by iO Partners.

Our Advisory Board will convene at CEE Property Forum 2023 in Vienna to select the shortlist of nominees. The members of our Advisory Board are Ana Dumitrache (CTP), Victor Constantinescu (Kinstellar), Marius Persenea (Iulius), Vlad Stanislav (iO Partners), Dieter Knittel (pbb) and Angelus Bernreuther (Kaufland).

The shortlist of nominees will be announced to the public at the end of September.

Who will select the winners from the shortlist?

Our Jury Committee will meet at our annual Jury Dinner in Bucharest on October 11th and vote on the winner of each category. 

The members of our Jury include Codrin Matei (Crosspoint), Catalin Jaloba (BCR), Jan Demeyere (Speedwell), Romulus Andrei (Banca Transilvania), Gijs Klomp (WDP), Antoniu Panait (Vastint), Sorin Preda (Global Vision), Dino Ebneter (Mazars), Gabriela Dragulin (UniCredit Bank), Andreea Ciobanu (Hagag), Geo Mărgescu (Forte Partners), Ana Dumitrache (CTP), Victor Constantinescu (Kinstellar), Marius Persenea (Iulius), Vlad Stanislav (iO Partners), Emma Toma (AFI Europe Romania) and more.

When and how will the Award Ceremony take place?

The winners will be announced during the Award Ceremony at SEE Property Forum 2023 in Bucharest. The ceremony will start in the evening after all sessions of the conference are finished. Naturally, all conference speakers and visitors, in addition to all of our partners and nominees are invited. Guests at the Award Ceremony can expect an elegant and vibrant atmosphere, amazing food and drinks and a lot of networking opportunities. To inquire about tickets, please reach out to Fulvia.

How can I support the Award Ceremony?

We have a number of partnership opportunities available, including Award Ceremony sponsorships, Drink Bar sponsorships and many more. Companies can also sign up to become Award Category Partners. These partners will have the opportunity to join the host of the Award Ceremony to present the winners with the award in their selected category. Hurry up, though, as some of the most popular categories are already taken. You can learn more information by reaching out to Fulvia.

Who were the winners last year?

You can check out last year’s list of winners in this article.