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by Property Forum | Retail

Scallier has opened a new retail park in Moșnița, near Timișoara, making it the sixth in the company’s portfolio based in Romania.

The latest park has a leasable area of 8,500 sqm and is almost fully rented to operators in the medical, restaurant, fitness and retail segments.

“We plan long-term development in Romania and systematically increase our capital commitment. We will invest in new locations and new commercial projects, the construction of which will start soon," says Andrzej Taraszkiewicz from the Supervisory Board of RPI, which is the park's direct investor.

Adrian Aleman, the director responsible for the development of retail parks in Scallier, added that the company has secured several plots and in the coming months it will start the construction of additional commercial properties.

Scallier’s retail parks in Romania are certified in the international BREEAM certification system.