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by Property Forum | Investment

Rustler Romania, the supplier of facility, property and project management services, has launched its brokerage division under Rustler Properties offering real estate consulting services in the office, land and industrial-logistics segments.

The portfolio of Rustler Properties already includes over 400 properties based in Bucharest and the rest of the country. The division is managed by Cristina Dumitrache - Chief Business Development Officer - who brings over 25 years of relevant experience in real estate consulting, acquired both nationally and internationally.

“This division brings our company's activity as a full-service provider in the market and I am convinced that we have all the necessary ingredients to deliver performance and have a contribution in increasing the working standards in the industry,” said Daniel State, Managing Partner of Rustler Romania.

Rustler Romania has 130 employees and manages a commercial portfolio of more than 1.5 million sqm.