News Article Bratislava residential Rinzle Rača Slovakia
by Property Forum | Residential

The mixed-use project Rinzle Rača has received a decision from the EIA process about no further assessment, reports. The project is planned in the area of Rinzle in the Rača district of Bratislava on a sloping terrain of former vineyards. 

The company Rinzle Rača s.r.o., linked to a smaller developer active in the vicinity of Bratislava, has already received an affirmative binding opinion from the Municipality, which confirms compliance with the city master plan. After the EIA decision becomes valid, this permitting step ends, and the developer can proceed to the zoning procedure.

The documentation shows the design of a new residential area with facilities, greenery, recreation areas and children's playgrounds. The dominant function will be housing, complemented by civic amenities and office spaces. The project consists of 6 buildings, 5 residential and one mixed-use. The residential buildings will have five floors with 165 apartments. The mixed-use building F will have five above-ground floors. It will serve as a residential centre for seniors, with office spaces and various amenities, such as cafes, small food stores, and a cultural or leisure centre. 
Parking will be provided on the underground floors, with 276 parking spaces and a room for storing bicycles and strollers on the ground floor. 

Construction should begin in 2025 and last three years. The estimated cost of the project is €25 million.