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by Property Forum | Office

Revetas Capital has completed its sustainability-focused investment project at the Bonarka for Business “B4B” office park in Kraków, the B4B Oasis. By activating the common areas, the workplace is enhanced, thereby reducing the overall density within the buildings.

The investment into the B4B Oasis is just one part of the overall ESG strategy to create a positive and exciting user experience, by converting the rainwater retention tank into a recreational space and designing flexible workstations outside of their cubicle, a place where the members of the “B4B” community can relax, enjoy their lunch, meet or work in a nature-like environment. 

The B4B Oasis comprises 5,820 sqm of green area in an amphitheater shape and is designed to be a place for work, meetings, and relaxation, and is a new venue for outdoor events. It features WI-FI connection, 39 USB charging ports, sitting areas which can also be used as workstations for up to 110 people and will be complemented by greenery and biodiversity. The total investment amounted to over €400 thousand and the project management was provided by TriGranit. The new amenity is dedicated to B4B employees and will ensure the safety of users and easy access to the area, including for those with disabilities.

Eric Assimakopoulos, Founding Partner at Revetas Capital declares: “As part of the ESG strategy across the portfolio, the Revetas Eco System concept will translate into substantial investments into technological, design and environmental upgrades across the portfolio in response to present office requirements. More often than ever, the focus in the new office reality is on employees’ well-being and companies have to provide flexible options, hybrid working models and solutions to improve the mental and physical health of people.”

Robert Gouge, Principal at Revetas Capital, in charge of the investment management of the B4B office park adds: “The B4B Oasis is a clever and innovative way to further improve on the already outstanding amenity package at B4B. By making use of existing infrastructure to provide a wonderful outdoor attraction, it was possible to create something truly unique in an efficient way, which highlights our group’s dedication to improving work-life balance and minimizing the impact of our assets on the environment across the Revetas portfolio.”

“Part of the Revetas’ investment strategy into the activation of the common areas, additional improvements such as the vitalization of the B4B main square is currently in planning. Further plans to expand on and improve upon the already highly successful B4B complex include a concept to utilize the last remaining land plot to construct 420 residential apartments with a total gross leasable area of 20,000 sqm to meet the growing demand for rental units in Krakow. This residential development would provide the final element to the “city inside the city” Bonarka, thereby truly offering the possibility to Live, Work, and Play all within the complex”, Eric Assimakopoulos concluded.