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by Property Forum | Office

Online retailer eMAG will invest €1.5 million in upgrading its HQ building to accommodate the hybrid work system as it aims to make the program permanent for more than 3,000 employees. The HQ will be transformed into a collaborative workspace and will be fitted with technology systems that support the mix of office and remote work.  

At present, 99% of the office-based employees of eMAG work from home and the hybrid system will be kicked off once the pandemic risks are reduced.  

Research by eMAG revealed that employees said they felt more productive working from home, while 97% said they wanted to combine home and office work. However, only 37% of them said that they felt connected with the team during remote activities. 

Employees in the HQ, the IT hubs and the customer care departments will be able to opt for the hybrid system.  

eMAG said it will keep its existing office stock despite the shift to hybrid work. Its HQ is located in northern Bucharest.