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by Property Forum | Retail

Bucharest is the largest retail market in Romania with a total stock of 1.24 million sqm in operational projects, while across the country Timișoara has the biggest volume of shopping centres and retail parks of all regional cities. 

While Timișoara has a total retail stock of 234,799 sqm, Cluj-Napoca is the second biggest regional market with 194,709 sqm. Iași is next with 177,100 sqm, followed by Constanța and Brașov with 165,000 sqm and 131,000 sqm, respectively, according to a study conducted by Fortim Trusted Advisors, a member of the BNP Paribas Real Estate Alliance. 

"2023 is a year of expansion, we estimate that 17 new retail parks and five new malls will open in Romania, with a total area of over 300,000 sqm,” says Nicolae Ciobanu, Managing Partner at Fortim Trusted Advisors. 

Starting this autumn, Craiova will join the top five cities outside the capital with the most shopping spaces. NEPI Rockcastle will open in the city Promenada Mall, with a total area of 78,500 sqm. This will boost the city’s total retail stock to 160,900 sqm. 

Other deliveries will include Carolina Mall in Alba Iulia with a leasable area of 28,900 sqm and Cosmopolis Plaza in northern Bucharest that will expand by 13,600 sqm this year.