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by Property Forum | Residential

The construction of the Resi4Rent project in Poznań has been completed. Less than two weeks after obtaining a use permit, 30 rental contracts have already been signed.

The latest project was developed at 28 Św. Wawrzyńca Street in the Jeżyce district of Poznań as part of a residential estate completed by Echo Investment. The project involves 160 subscription apartments, which are an alternative to lease offers from individual owners. The subscription formula of apartments for rent is a category introduced to the Polish real estate market by the Resi4Rent brand. It is a type of institutional lease popular in Europe - from a company rather than an individual, which guarantees tenants safety and great flexibility in selecting contractual durations, apartment specifications and other lease conditions.

"A subscription apartment, unlike a traditional lease, provides tenants with a greater sense of freedom and a better standard, while protecting their interests highly. From the formal point of view, renting an apartment from a company is based on transparent rules, unchangeable contractual provisions, a guarantee of duration and renewal of contracts, fixed rental amount and lack of commission and other additional fees. We apply and promote good practices in the lease market. We do not interfere in the private life of potential tenants. The only criterion is an objective economic assessment in the context of the ability to pay rent. Tenants can also count on the day-to-day support of our service office and building managers," explains Sławomir Imianowski, CEO of Resi4Rent.

The subscription lease operates in 3 options of contract: for 6, 12 or 24 months. The price includes among others access to a Wi-Fi network, access to the tenant's panel which allows to inter alia manage payments and assistance of on-site client service. Moreover, you can rent a parking space in an underground garage.

 The building's location provides residents with access to both the Old Town with its restaurant and entertainment facilities, cultural venues, as well as universities and business centres (within a 20-minute walk from the building there are Omega, Concordia Design and Bałtyk office buildings). The district is very well connected to other parts of the city thanks to Rondo Kaponiera and Most Teatralny, which are the main transport hubs. Thanks to good road and public transport links, it only takes a short drive to get to the railway station Poznań Główny. In the closest vicinity of the Resi4Rent project, there is a balance between retail and service infrastructure and green areas. Walkers, pet owners and lovers of sports and other forms of active recreation are attracted by the nearby Sołacki Park and the area of Lake Rusałka.

"Preparing the latest project, we applied solutions that turned out to be successful in other cities and were positively received by existing clients. In this way, we constantly ensure the consistency of all our projects. Interiors of apartments are equipped in a similar way, we apply proven materials and furniture designs, but at the same time we want our buildings to have individual features. Various lobby decorations, original details, wall graphics in common areas and other decorative elements refer to the landscape of particular cities, local culture and modern design", adds Sławomir Imianowski.

Poznań is the fifth city in turn where Resi4Rent operates, offering subscription apartments for rent. A total of 2,301 units were built in Warsaw, Łódź, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Poznań, and by 2025 the company plans to increase its offer to at least 10,000 units. The next project Resi4Rent will be launched in Kraków in 2022. The first projects completed in the Łódź, Wrocław and Warsaw markets enjoy a stable interest of clients and are fully leased.