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by Property Forum | Residential

As students are preparing to resume their university studies in person, asking rents in large cities have gone up by up to 10% by the end of August 2022 compared to the same period of last year, according to property platform

Cluj-Napoca ranks first on the highest average asking prices for rentals, surpassing Bucharest for one- and two-bedroom apartments. At the other end of the scale, of the five major regional centres surveyed, Timișoara has the most affordable housing available for rent.

For instance, a studio in Bucharest can be rented for €283 per month, while in Cluj-Napoca the price climbs to €300. For two-room apartments, the rent cost is €430 in Bucharest and €450 in Cluj-Napoca. Meanwhile, tenants in Timișoara would have to pay €200 per month for a studio and €330 for a two-room apartment.

Rents are still under the 2019 levels for most residential segments, but the recovery should be full towards the end of this year due to higher inflation and increasing rental demand, according to Daniel Crainic, marketing director of