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by Property Forum | Residential

Redport Capital and Mobexpert Group have announced the completion of the concept design for the Infinity Nord project, located in the Străulești area in Bucharest. The concept was created by the investors alongside London-based architecture house Design International. 

The Infinity Nord project covers an area of 44,000 sqm, with a total buildable area of 125,000 sqm. The four phases of the project will comprise a total of 1,250 apartments, retail spaces, medical and educational facilities, as well as 1,500 parking spaces.  

“Even since the beginning, we trusted the reconversion potential of the area and we replicated all its qualities in a mature, sustainable and far-reaching residential project, able to respond to the current and future generations of inhabitants,” said Dan Șucu, Founder and Shareholder of the Mobexpert Group. 

Cosmin Savu-Cristescu, Managing Director and Majority Shareholder of the Redport Group, added that development of the masterplan and concept design for the project lasted for more than one year. 

The total investment in the project will reach €150 million, with the development set to start later this year. The investors estimate that the whole project will be completed by 2030.