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by Property Forum | Career

REDD Group has launched finne, a search engine for commercial real estate, in four new countries in the region: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. 

The presence in new markets in the CEE region is a natural step for the REDD Group to develop a European commercial property database. There are two entities within the Group: the data- and technology-driven REDD platform, a tool designed for commercial real estate professionals, and the finne network of commercial property search portals – commercial property search engines that connect tenants directly with property owners. The ecosystem created by the REDD Group is becoming an integral part of any transaction in the European commercial property market.

“With finne’s entry into the CEE markets, our clients get what they have been expecting from us: access to unique knowledge about the demand for their space. It is worth noting that a single, standardized source of data on five CEE countries is a convenience for businesses – owners of properties spread across several markets will be able to compare themselves with local competitors on a single screen and thus make business decisions based on reliable data,” says Tomasz Ogrodzki, founder and CEO of REDD Group.

Currently, the new finne sites provide data on the warehouse market. Today this covers more than 3,600 warehouse buildings in five countries. The next step will be to supplement the offer with, among other things, data on the office and coworking space market.

Tomasz Ogrodzki further comments, “In the months to come, we will launch the full range of products in all CEE countries, including analytical tools for investors, owners and advisors. Alongside this, we will start monitoring other sectors, in particular offices and coworking spaces.”

REDD Group’s ambitious international growth plans extend beyond the five European markets. “The commercial real estate market is a transactional market where data is at the heart of every decision. Our goal for the coming years, as a technology partner to market leaders, is to create an analytical standard that will be used in every transactional decision in Europe,” asserts Piotr Smagała, Managing Director & Co-Founder of the REDD Group.