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The Vyšehrad Railway Station located in a UNESCO protection zone in Prague has been in disrepair for many years, even in danger of complete collapse. The new owner is now introducing plans on how to revitalize it.

Karlin Port Real Estate will bring life and use back to its premises, including a new housing concept. The emphasis is on preserving the historical value of the building and improving the surroundings. This project will be listed in the developer´s investment fund Opportunity Real Estate Fund SICAV (OREF).

The developer entrusted the project of rescuing the art nouveau building and the completion of another part to the ARCHINA Design studio of architect Ivo Nahálka. The intention is to connect the buildings technologically and technically so that it is possible to walk from one to the other with "dry feet" and at the same time to create a passage from the street to the back. The proposal includes approximately 170 micro-apartments and studios with an area between 20-43 sqm, while most units do not exceed an area of ​​25 sqm. The revitalization of the new micro-location will also be represented by a ground-floor promenade with shops and services on the ground floor, and there will be garage parking spaces in the underground.

"After long and complicated negotiations, we managed to buy the building from the previous owner, and as you can see from its condition, it was so-called in five minutes to twelve," says Milorad Miško Miškovič, Founder and Managing Partner at Karlin Port Real Estate and Co-founder of OREF, adding: "The use will be multi-purpose, we will present a project of so-called micro-apartments on part of the area. In total, the costs will be around 700 million crowns (€30 million)."