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by Property Forum | Hotel

Radisson Hotel Group was selected to be the operator of the hotel component in the Central District Lagoon City, developed in Bucharest by Forty Management. The Radisson Lagoon Hotel Bucharest is planned as the first of several such branded co-operations across the globe. 

The planned hotel will feature 323 rooms, a spa, 100 sqm of exclusive sandy beach and access to a 10,000 sqm lagoon, a restaurant, and commercial areas. 

“Given the unique concept of the Bucharest development, a deciding criterion was related to the way each operator could secure financial comfort for Forty Management. The end of the selection process resulted in the creation of the Radisson Lagoon Hotel, a resort hotel that perfectly fits the concept of green urban reconversion developed by Forty in Romania and in other countries," says Mircea Drăghici, CEO of EST Hospitality, Forty Management's consultant. 

Lucian Azoiței, CEO of Forty Management, added that Radisson Lagoon Hotel Bucharest is a partnership destined for all Radisson hotels built around the artificial Crystal Lagoon anywhere in the world. 

Aside from the hotel, the scheme will include 401 apartments, 9,200 sqm of commercial and service spaces, as well as 8,500 sqm of offices and other facilities for urban living.