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by Property Forum | Industrial

QeOPS, the provider of e-fulfillment services and customized logistics solutions, has increased its occupied warehouse space in CTPark Bucharest to around 15,000 sqm. 

The company has started its collaboration with industrial developer CTP in 2019, and this year the company took the step to a space 2.5 times larger than the initial one. 

”This growth was also supported by the capital infusion brought by Cargus, another CTP partner present in the same park, CTPark Bucharest, a business ecosystem where multiple synergies are created between occupiers,” said Ana Dumitrache, Country Head of CTP Romania. 

Paul Copil, founder & CEO of QeOPS, said that the company has at present more than 50 clients, medium and large firms. 

With a total area of 57.9 hectares, of which more than 530,000 sqm is built-up area, CTPark Bucharest includes facilities such as a canteen and large green spaces. 

In Romania, CTP owns a total of over 2.3 million sqm of warehouses in 15 cities.