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by Property Forum | Industrial

The current industrial stock of close to 7 million sqm of industrial projects in Romania has the potential to support the accelerated growth of power generation systems based on photovoltaic panels installed on the rooftops of warehouses. 

Already, new industrial and logistics space projects include photovoltaic systems as part of their standard offerings 

The current legislation allows for the use of photovoltaic systems to fulfill electricity requirements and even supply excess energy to the grid, turning users into prosumers. The surplus energy can be stored and utilized during times when direct supply is not possible, thanks to the energy usage compensation scheme in effect until 2030, according to CBRE’s consultants. 

“This is an opportunity for solar energy, as it is the only energy that can be generated on-site, which became a provision in the local legislation. These favorable external factors, including VAT reduction and the broader contextual dynamics, are driving an increasing demand for photovoltaic (PV) systems. Moreover, PV panels have emerged as a prominent consideration during commercial lease negotiations, with tenant companies prioritizing these systems as a key requirement,” said Daniel Cateliu, Director of Industrial & Logistics Services at CBRE Romania. 

Romania's target for 2030 for installed solar energy capacity per capita is about a third of the EU average for 2030, standing at 279 W versus the average of 758 W. 

Victor Răchita, Senior Director, Head of Industrial & Logistics Services at CBRE Romania suggested that in addition to solar energy, rail infrastructure can also play a major role in ensuring a sustainable future in Romania, and intermodal terminals, such as those in Decea and Aiud, are more important than ever. 

All in all, CBRE’s experts concluded that renewable energy capacities have a critical role for property companies that aim to reach net zero emissions.