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PropTech influencers James Dearsley and Eddie Holmes have raised £150,000 of pre-seed funding from a raft of significant strategic investors to build the first global PropTech information and data platform. The new platform, called Unissu, provides the richest dataset of PropTech companies, information and research. Currently in closed beta, it will formally launch later this year.

Applicants are now invited to join a group of 30 property professionals to help mould the design of the platform in return for exclusive early access.
James Dearsley, Co-Founder stated: “The PropTech ecosystem is growing incredibly quickly around the world but there is no single source to help the property industry understand what is actually happening. This has often left the industry struggling to grasp what is needed for their businesses and, even if they have made decisions on their PropTech strategies, they have made those decisions based on the part of the iceberg that they can see above the water. Unissu changes this by revealing the vast quantity of information hidden beneath the water line.”
James Dearsley

James Dearsley

The Digital Marketing Bureau

James Dearsley is a global speaker on the topic of Property Technology. The first 11 years of his career were spent working in Estate Agency and the Construction sectors before setting up a digital marketing firm, The Digital Marketing Bureau.
It is his work as a speaker and writer about the future of the real estate sector that allows him to travel the world though. There are few people who understand both the tech and real estate sectors together whilst having an unbias perspective on what is happening and how others need to prepare.
The sector is evolving and James' aim is to help others evolve with it.
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“Our work has taken us around the world and we have seen first-hand the fragmentation at the heart of the PropTech market” states Co-Founder Eddie Holmes. “As a result, the property market has no way of getting a true picture of this incredible sector; one that offers both threats to and opportunities for the industry’s future. Unissu fixes these problems.”
If you are interested in being part of an exclusive group of people that get early access to Unissu please contact James on or Eddie on