News Article Elba Residence Prime Kapital residential Romania Timișoara
by Property Forum | Residential

Property developer and investor Prime Kapital has announced a new urban regeneration project on a 5.6-hectare plot near the Bega river in Timișoara. 

In this location, the company will develop Elba Residence featuring 1,200 residential units as well as 8,000 sqm of retail and support spaces. A historical building will be restored as part of the investment project. 

“Through this project, we aim to transform a former industrial platform into a new multifunctional hub,” said Maggie Kitshoff, Partner Office & Residential at Prime Kapital. 

At present, Prime Kapital has four more residential projects under development in Bucharest, Iași and Ploiești, while another urban regeneration investments are planned in Cluj-Napoca and Brașov.