News Article Clara Belizarie Primavera Development residential Romania villas
by Property Forum | Residential

Primavera Development has started the construction of a new complex of villas in northern Bucharest, with an estimated investment of around €30 million. 

The new project Green Lake will comprise 35 villas and 30,000 sqm of public spaces alongside a private schools and a promenade on the shores of Lake Grivița. 

“The entire project is to be delivered to the community within the next two years," said Clara Belizarie, Business Development Manager at Primavera Development. 

In the first phase, the company will develop 18 villas. In the second phase, Primavera Development will complete the remaining number of villas as well as two apartment blocks with a swimming pool and an exclusive club. Prices will start from €425,800 for villas and the homes will have surfaces ranging from 250 sqm to 545 sqm. 

The company has completed to date several residential and office projects in northern Bucharest.