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by Property Forum | Industrial

Retail chain Penny Market will expand one of its three logistics centres in Hungary. The project, which is expected to be completed by August 2022, will add 30,000 sqm to the company's facility in Karcag, Eastern Hungary, increasing its storage capacity. Penny Market will also create new jobs through the one-year project.

The lot of the Karcag facility, which opened in 2008, will be expanded by 30,000 sqm and the building on it by 10,000 sqm by the time construction finishes in August 2022. This will nearly double the storage capacity at the base, adding some 500 new products to the company's offering. The newly expanded base will be able to serve more local and nearby units, saving the company an estimated 250,000 km of transport. The Karcag project serves Penny's sustainability strategy and will create some 40 new jobs.