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by Property Forum | Industrial

Panattoni has moved forward with the 20,000 sqm expansion of Flextronics International Poland's manufacturing and warehouse complex in Tczew. The ceremonial laying of the cornerstone took place on October 11th. The 80,000 sqm factory now includes four buildings and is one of the company's largest facilities in Europe.

Flex is rapidly expanding its operations in Poland within two centres - Tczew and Łódż. A few years ago, Panattoni delivered the first warehouse building for the company in central Poland, and another space there this year. It is now moving forward with a new development within the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. Talks are underway about projects in more locations.

In Tczew, the company will expand by 20,000 sqm in one of the existing halls where Flex conducts manufacturing operations. The expansion will be completed in March 2023, and the entire complex will exceed 100,000 sqm of industrial space. As part of the hall expansion, Panattoni will install, among other things, an FM Global standard sprinkler system and a load-bearing floor. The developer will also equip the facility with some sustainable solutions to achieve an Excellent level of BREEAM certification. In addition, users will benefit from car-sharing parking spaces and recreation areas.

Panattoni purchased the existing building under a sale & leaseback agreement before the expansion.

"The company's complex in Tczew is a well-functioning organism, and any expansion must be a carefully planned operation that will not disturb its harmony. In such operations, Panattoni turns out to be a reliable partner. The laying of the cornerstone is the first stage of the construction itself. It also means another stage of fruitful cooperation between technologically advanced companies that understand each other's needs perfectly", says Marek Foryński, BTS Managing Director at Panattoni, and adds: "We are also pleased to add another successful sale & leaseback transaction to our portfolio, confirming our versatility".

"It's a great honour for us that a global, US-listed company is choosing to work with us in each of its Polish locations. Previously Łódź, now Tczew, with another development in Poland planned. The highest quality industrial space combined with the attractiveness of the domestic market is an invitation for the largest and most modern companies to develop right here in this part of Europe", adds Marzena Tkaczuk, BTS Development Director at Panattoni.

Flex's complex is located approx. 10 km from the A1 highway, which allows one to reach the centre of Gdańsk in 40 minutes and less than 45 minutes to the Port of Gdańsk. The branch is also a short distance from the S7 road. It will connect the Tri-City in the north with Kraków in the south, among others.