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Panattoni is opening the doors for a global provider of the technologically advanced orthodontic devices and dental prosthetics to the market of the EMEA region. The developer is now building the company’s first European production centre. The project to be built in Wrocław comprises an area of around 40,000 sqm and is scheduled to open in January 2022. As a result, up to 2,500 people will find employment. The factory is to be built following the principles of sustainable development and is to be certified under LEED for a rating of 'Gold'.

The developer is to deliver a production plant in Wrocław, which will be the company’s first such factory in Europe. The plant will serve the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and will give it access to up to 150 million potential clients. Panattoni is developing a factory of 40,000 sqm, which includes an extended production area of 20,000 sqm. Additionally,  the investor will make use of a cleanroom (an area with zero airborne particulates such as dust and water vapour). The company is to use the factory mainly to produce orthodontic aligners and the new factory will allow new markets to be supplied with removable transparent coverings for straightening teeth manufactured with the use of digital 3D printing.  The factory in Lower Silesia is to open as soon as January 2022 and it is to employ up to 2,500 people.

Damian Kowalczyk, Development Director of Panattoni has stated in a comment on the project that: “For us, this is an enormous privilege that another global business has partnered with us when taking an important step in its development. Our leading position in supplying industrial space is paying dividends and the experience we have gained from other technically advanced developments has turned out to be vital for those that partner with us from the other side of the world, including from the US and China.” And he adds: “This is also an exceptional project not only because of what it will do for the region and Poland's image around the world but also and above all for what it will do for the local job market and the entire real estate industry."

The investment is to be certified under the US-based LEED system for a rating of ‘Gold’. The planned heat and water recovery systems as well as those designed to save energy will have a significant impact on the operations of the centre. Additionally, by applying the latest technology COemissions will be limited to a great extent. The developer is also to look after the comfort of the employees by ensuring adequate natural lighting and appropriate acoustics. A green relaxation area is to be created on the grounds of the project and the users of the building will also have access to cycling facilities and electric vehicle charging stations.

The production plant is being constructed as a BTO centre within a retail and warehousing area of Wrocław, known as the Psie Pole district.In the Global Cities of The Future ranking, it was the highest placed Polish city and was also ranked first in the world among mid-sized and smaller cities. With its strategic location, Wrocław gives companies convenient access to urban centres such as Warsaw, Berlin and Prague. The factory’s location will give it ready access to the S8 expressway (Warsaw-Łódź-Wrocław-Prague) and the A8 motorway (Wrocław’s bypass). It also will have ready access to the centre of the city (15 min by car) and Wrocław Airport (30-min drive). Moreover, bus stops and a PKP train station can be found nearby, which will be a major convenience for the factory’s numerous personnel.