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Panattoni is to open up a new warehouse market in Central Poland. The developer has purchased a site in Pabianice, where it plans to deliver a park with a total area of ​​95,000 sqm. The first building is to be completed this June and has already been leased by one of the leading electronic store chains in Poland. Panattoni Park Pabianice will be situated close to the S14 expressway, just 35 km from the junction of the A1 and A2 motorways, which means efficient distribution to markets across Poland. The three-building complex is to undergo BREEAM certification at the ‘Excellent’ level.

The Central Poland market has for several years been the foundation of Poland’s rapidly growing industrial real estate sector and now has a total industrial stock of 3.5 million sqm – 15% of the entire country’s supply. Almost 2 million sqm has been delivered by Panattoni in the region, which is now uncovering the potential of a new location – Pabianice. The developer plans to build a park with an area of ​​95,000 sqm, which will be ideal for serving all domestic markets. The three-building complex is to be built on the S14 expressway, which forms the Western Bypass of Łódź and is just 35 km from the junction of the A1 and A2 motorways.

“There are dozens of reasons for investing in the Łódź region, all of which apply to Pabianice. Located by the S14 road, it is well connected with the city, while there are also two motorways a short distance away – one running north-south and the other east-west across the country – providing easy access to the whole of Poland. The first lease contract for space in Panattoni Park Pabianice has already been signed, confirming how much potential the new park has. The high sustainability standards of the buildings, moreover, will ensure their longevity. With Poland and the Łódź region in the heart of the country increasingly becoming a hub for Western Europe, this is the perfect moment to bet on Pabianice,” says Katarzyna Kujawiak, Development Director in Panattoni.

Panattoni Park Pabianice is to be a complex of three buildings constructed on a 25 ha site. The first, 44,000 sqm hall is to be delivered in June this year and already has a tenant – one of the largest electronic good store chains in Poland. For the purposes of this investment, Panattoni has built approximately 1 km of road in Pabianice, connecting ul. Batalionów, ul. Chłopskich and ul. Lutomierska. “In this part of Łódź, design and cost-estimate documentation have had to be prepared along with a number of administrative decisions, including for the multi-sector supervision of the road investment and the compensation payments for the areas through which the road will run, which will be covered from funds obtained from the planning fees. The investor has been tasked with carrying out the road project. When the road is finished, the investor will hand it over to the city. We hope that the development of the logistics park will give new impetus to investment in this area, which will be beneficial for both the development of the city and its inhabitants,” says the Mayor of Pabianice, Grzegorz Mackiewicz.

All the buildings in the complex will be 12m in height, while the entire park is to be BREEAM certified at the ‘Excellent’ level and will feature a range of green solutions to obtain energy and water savings. Panattoni will also focus on user well-being – including the provision of increased access to natural light and office space that has been confirmed to be ideal in terms of acoustics, thermal comfort and air quality.