News Article Bielsko Biała Panattoni Europe Poland warehouse
by Property Forum | Industrial

Panattoni has started the development of a third building with an area of almost 40,000 sqm in the Panattoni Park Bielsko Biała IV park. As much as 22,000 sqm is to be leased by Polmotors. The company is to employ around 1,000 people in a factory, which is to serve markets across the globe. Upon completion, the Panattoni Park Bielsko Biała IV development is to comprise three buildings with a combined area of over 100,000 sqm. The complex is almost fully commercialised.

Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała IV is the developer’s largest project in the region and it already comprises 60,000 sqm in two buildings. Now the company is launching the construction of a further hall with an area of 39,000 sqm.

“The business potential of Bielsko-Biała is not growing weaker, which is demonstrated by its regional and country-wide rankings. According to the Local Authority Ranking for the Silesia Region, following Kraków, it is the second most attractive business location of the 19 towns and cities with district rights. However, in the national ranking of the Republic’s local authorities, the city took sixth place in the same category. Of course, solid figures make the best endorsement – our largest development in the Bielsko Biała region, which is to eventually comprise over 100,000 sqm, has almost been fully commercialised,” says Marek Dobrzycki, the Managing Director of Panattoni. “Moreover the lease of over 20,000 sqm by Polmotors once again demonstrates the attractiveness of the Podbeskidzie region as an automotive hub where many of the industry’s production facilities are concentrated as well as companies that add to the supply chain for the key players,” he adds.

Polmotors, is a producer and distributor of car body components that has been based in Bielsko-Biała since the start of its operations. It currently supplies its solutions to the global leaders of the automotive industry including  VW, BMW, AUDI and Groupe PSA. The company currently operates from Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała II. Its growing volumes and general development have become a reason for the company to relocate to a new building in the same region, which will provide more space and a greater degree of customisation.  Within Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała IV, Polmotors will be able to use up to 21,700 sqm including space for production and warehousing and also 1,300 sqm of offices.

“Working with Panattoni allows the company to develop in the region where it has its roots and its trusted workforce while at the same time developing and increasing the area leased, which it requires to maintain its growing volumes,” summarises Marek Dobrzycki.

Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała IV is located just under 30 minutes from the Czech border and less than an hour from the border with Slovakia. This creates the perfect conditions for serving Central European countries. Moreover, being almost on the Silesian border with Małopolski ensures excellent connections to both Kraków and Katowice as well as to other towns and cities of the region.