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by Property Forum | Industrial

Panattoni launches another factory project for a global industrial giant. One of the leading names in home appliances and electronics will start using a 40,000 sqm factory before the end of 2023. The BTO centre is being built in Western Poland and is to be used for the production of home appliances in an investment of over €80 million. 

Almost half of the centres delivered by Panattoni are BTS (built-to-suit) and a large proportion of these are production plants or developments to support existing factories. Currently, Panattoni is developing a BTO project (built-to-own) tailored to the needs of a global leader in the electronics industry. A 40,800 sqm centre is to be delivered in Western Poland. As part of the factory’s development, Panattoni is to strengthen the flooring so that it can bear up to 20 tons. This will allow for automation solutions to be applied to the entire technological line, which the client requires in its production process. The developer was also responsible for securing and preparing the site as well as for providing the road network in the area of the development. Panattoni is also obliged to ensure the availability of an appropriate power supply of 16 MW.

“Once again it has been demonstrated that to develop a BTO centre a flexible and responsive developer is required with the appropriate know-how. We provide crucial support to our client, while at the same time, we are open to change and can guarantee that we will stay on schedule,” says Marek Dobrzycki, the Managing Director of Panattoni and he adds: “Production plants have become Panattoni’s speciality over the last few years. After having worked with international brands such as BSH, Leviat, Weber, Danfoss, and Reynears Aluminium, the time has come for another industrial giant, this time from the electronics industry. Our experience as well as the growing nearshoring trend will allow us at Panattoni to continue to grow our portfolio and this is what we are ready for.”

The factory is to be certified under BREEAM for a rating of ‘Excellent’. The developer is to employ energy and water-saving solutions, is to deliver charging stations for electric vehicles as well as a green relaxation zone with environmentally-friendly furnishings. Panattoni is to ensure that the office space has appropriate acoustics and air quality as well as improved access to natural light.