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by Property Forum | Industrial

Panattoni has received its second loan from Alior Bank. This time, the developer was granted financing of almost €6.5 million to build a BTS project for Air Spiralo – a manufacturer of ventilation systems. 

According to the latest reports, manufacturing currently accounts for almost a third of completed industrial space in the country. Last month, Panattoni launched the construction of a 9,500 sqm manufacturing and warehousing plant in Szamotuły for Air Spiralo and now it has been granted financing to complete this building from Alior Bank with a loan of almost €6.5 million.

“By awarding us two large loans in a short space of time for the construction of manufacturing plants, Alior Bank has demonstrated the enormous trust it holds in Panattoni to develop BTS projects. This is the natural result of us having built up our position over the years through the development of almost 4 million sqm of BTS and BTO space. Our enormous experience makes us a secure partner for dozens of industries and financial institutions value the trust that industry gives to Panattoni BTS. We wish to thank Alior Bank for their trust and we are counting on successfully partnering with them again”, comments Karina Trojańska, the Chief Financing & Operating Officer at Panattoni. 

Spiralo is to use the new development for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing and the bespoke centre will allow them to further expand their production in the future. As a result of the new space to be delivered by Panattoni BTS in Szamotuły, the company is to consolidate the manufacturing and logistics operations of three separate locations. The building is to be handed over to the client in May/June 2024.

“The choice of Szamotuły for such an important Air Spiralo development once again demonstrates the huge attraction of Western Poland to international operations. This part of the country is increasingly being used as a hub by European and global companies that work to high standards and choose BTS developments characterised by flexibility and adaptability. The development of this sector is also undoubtedly being driven by Europe’s re-industrialisation with production facilities being moved closer to the final customer”, adds Karina Trojańska.

The centre to be constructed for Air Spiralo will be equipped with numerous sustainability solutions. The facility will receive BREEAM certification at the Excellent level, and Panattoni will reinforce the roof for photovoltaic installation and cooling equipment. Moreover, it is to be built on post-industrial land in following with the principles of the closed circular economy. The developer will also provide office space, with additional glazing, and employees will have access to cycling infrastructure and car-sharing parking spaces.