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by Property Forum | Industrial

Panattoni has launched the construction of its fifth park in Ruda Śląska. The new project will comprise two buildings with a combined area of 66,300 sqm. Santander has awarded a loan of €30 million for the development of the park and already half the space in the complex has been leased by Regesta.

The park is to have an eventual area of 66,300 sqm in two buildings – one of 44,280 sqm and the other of 21,915 sqm.

“The complete commercialisation of our centres so far and the sum total of Panattoni’s successful achievements in Silesia provide a real basis for financial institutions to place their trust in our projects in the region. With their support, we can continue to drive forward development and transform the region into a technologically advanced centre for logistics and production. We wish to thank Santander for their trust, which will contribute to more modern industrial space and higher employment”, comments Karina Trojańska, the Chief Financing & Operating Officer – Poland at Panattoni.

The first building in the complex is to be handed over for use in Q1 2024, and as much as 33,000 sqm of it is to be occupied by Regesta, a company from the TSL sector, for whom the developer has previously provided 17,000 sqm in Tychy. The development in Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska V will be the first logistics centre of such a size for the company. Additionally, the company has secured the right of first refusal to lease more space and thus secured its possible future expansion. The logistics operator is to move its vehicle fleet and its regional operations to the new location.

“Because of Ruda Śląska’s central location within the Silesian Urban Area just a few kilometres from Katowice, it can fully make use of the area’s population, which also includes a deep pool of highly qualified labour. Moreover, the location allows for the speedy transportation of goods to other markets including those in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These benefits attract tenants to Ruda Śląska and all the buildings that have previously been developed here have been fully commercialised. The lease of 33,000 sqm by Regesta is further evidence of this rising trend and the development of Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska V will allow us to pass the threshold of a quarter of a million sqm delivered in this location in response to the high demand”, sums up Marek Dobrzycki, the Managing Director of Panattoni.

Panattoni Park Ruda Śląska V is near the A4 motorway and is just 15 km from the A1. This makes it possible to distribute goods to both domestic and foreign markets and it takes around 30 minutes to drive to the Czech border. Another benefit of the park will be the high standards, which will be attested to by BREEAM certification with a rating of Excellent. Energy and water-saving solutions are to be employed in the park and the developer is also to ensure that CO2 emissions are to be reduced.