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by Property Forum | Industrial

Panattoni has secured financing for its first project in Bytom as Bank Pekao awarded an €80 million loan for the construction of Panattoni Park Bytom.

The total volume of industrial real estate in Silesia continues to grow and, in the first quarter of 2023, it passed the 5 mln sqm threshold even though just five years ago the same figure was only just over 2 million sqm. The rapid development of the industrial real estate industry is driving the transformation of Silesia from a mining district into the new centre of Polish industry where hi-tech factories are being built as well as distribution and logistics centres. The region’s huge potential has been noticed by financial institutions. Bank Pekao has granted the €80 million loan for the development of Panattoni Park Bytom – the first such park to be built in this location by Panattoni, who have already delivered 2.5 million sqm in the region.

“Panattoni Park Bytom is a huge project that will comprise 130,000 sqm in what is for us a new location where we see huge potential. Bank Pekao can also see this and has granted us a significantly-sized loan of €80 million,” says Karina Trojańska, the Chief Financial Officer at Panattoni. “More and more centres in Silesia are attracting both national and international giants from dozens of different industries. We remain consistent in our support for the region and we are providing it with modern industrial space. The support of financial institutions is essential for further growth and so we want to thank Pekao, who have teamed up with us once again having seen the value in our projects,” she adds.

“Bytom is an attractive location for business because it has all the benefits of the region including good communications, access to highly qualified labour, and a wide range of pre-developed land. It is also worth pointing out the openness and the pro-business attitude of the local authorities. At the same time the city does not possess a large amount of modern industrial space right now, so we can see lots of development potential,” says Aurelia Rachtan, the Senior Development Manager at Panattoni

The 130,000 sqm development is to be environmentally certified under BREEAM for a rating of ‘Excellent’. The developer is to employ solutions to limit CO2 emissions as well as energy and water usage. Additionally, Panattoni is to ensure above-standard insulation in the walls and roofs. Intelligent lighting and HVAC systems are also to be employed. Furthermore, workers in the centre will be able to make use of green areas in front of the offices and will also have cycling facilities and electric vehicle charging stations at their disposal while also having easy access to public transportation.