by Ákos Budai | Industrial

Panattoni Europe is to build a logistics centre for BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa Domowego Sp. z o.o.  The 79,000 sqm facility will be erected in Łódź, within the framework of BTS BSH, and will have its own railway siding. Construction works are planned to begin in the coming May, and the investment is anticipated to be completed in the spring next year. 

The warehousing section will account for more than 97.5 per cent of the entire space, with as much as 77,000 sqm, while premium office space will take up 1,7000 sqm. Given the special emphasis placed by BSH on environmental protection and environment-friendly logistics solutions, the investment will have its own railway siding, so that the majority of production earmarked for exports will transported by rail. That is why the developer is to build a railway station inside the facility with a platform running the entire length of the building (590 m). Moreover, the building will feature a special ramp system, LED lighting, as well as additional skylights and facade windows, to maximise access to natural light. Construction works are planned to begin in the coming May, and completion of the investment is anticipated in the spring of 2018. 
The new investment will become part of the BTS BSH, located at ul. Jędrzejowska. The facility will stand right next to the A1 – the only Polish motorway running north-south. It will be 30 km away from the Łódź Północ junction, where the A1 and A2 motorways intersect.