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Panattoni is developing another BTS project for K-Flex – an international manufacturer of elastomeric thermal and acoustic insulation materials. A seventh building of 20,000 sqm in the warehousing and manufacturing complex in Uniejów will be completed in June this year. 

The Uniejów complex is the international centre of K-Flex operations. Its products reach as far as such distant destinations as Chile and Australia. The growth of its business has resulted in the company’s growing requirement for industrial space. Just half a year after the ceremonial opening of the sixth building in the complex, Panattoni has begun work on yet another, this time with an area of 19,570 sqm as well as 335 sqm of office space.

“Ten years of Panattoni and K-Flex working together has shown this to be is an extraordinary partnership with 120,000 sqm of space delivered, seven buildings, growing production and logistics and above all a high level of trust and mutual understanding that has made the most ambitious projects possible”, says Marek Foryński, Managing Director of Panattoni BTS and he adds “The history of our partnership is also the story of the growth of Panattoni BTS. Ten years ago, the department was still building up its brand but today we have massive experience and a portfolio of over 100 completed projects across Central and Eastern Europe.”

“It is true that K-Flex Polska has grown at a lightning-fast tempo. In 2010, we began working from the building of a converted brick-factory and today we have 60,000 sqm of manufacturing space as well as 30,000 sqm of warehousing. Working with Panattoni has strengthened our conviction that the buildings handed over for our use will meet all of our highest requirements. Mutual respect and trust have turned out to be the key to our joint success,” says Bartłomiej Gröbner, managing director of K-Flex Polska.

The latest project is being developed in response to the rising requirements for the manufacture of the company’s goods. K-Flex has in recent years become the European leader in rubber and polyethylene insulation. Furthermore, the company has expanded its production to aluminium tape and is planning to enter the heated flooring market. “K-Flex is continuously investing in its production line. This does not just mean new buildings since it is also converting its warehousing space, which is why it needs more buildings to store its range of products. Panattoni is able to rapidly answer these needs”, says Krzysztof Czekalski, BTS Development Director at Panattoni.

When K-FLEX chose Uniejów ten years ago, it gained a superb location. The complex is just 10 minutes’ drive from the A2 motorway and in 2019 the centre became part of the Łódź Special Economic Zone.

The new building is to undergo BREEAM environmental certification for a rating of Excellent. The development will be prepared for the installation of solar panels. Near the building with office and social space, additional green areas are to be created and the addition of bus bays will make commuting easier for the workers. The building is also to be equipped with an LNG pipeline, which will allow energy costs to be optimised.