by Property Forum | Industrial

Panattoni will deliver another project for K-FLEX, a manufacturer of thermal and acoustic insulation materials. Next to the company’s existing factory near Uniejów, the developer will build a 9,300-square-metre warehouse facility. The investment will commence in mid-2020.

K-FLEX Polska is a branch of the Italian L'ISOLANTE K-FLEX – a manufacturing company specialising in the production of insulation systems for air-conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, water supply, heating and hot water installations, as well as building and industrial structures. Next to the company’s already existing facility in Wielenin near Uniejów – totalling in excess of 50,000 sqm – a modern warehouse will be added, totalling in excess of 9,300 sqm, of which only a small percentage will be taken up by utility rooms and office and social space (1.6 percent). The facility will be divided into two sections: one higher (net 15 m height) with 2,936 sqm and one lower (just under net 11 m height) with 6,160 sqm. Both sections will initially serve warehousing functions, but in the course of the construction works the larger one will be adapted for the purposes of future manufacturing operations. It will have enhanced daylight access up to 12.5% of the roof area, and additional, 350 lux artificial lighting. The construction works on the hall will get underway in mid-2020, with commissioning planned for January 2021.

“This is the fourth project undertaken by Panattoni for K-FLEX” – says Marek Foryński, Managing Director BTS Group at Panattoni. “Our first collaboration was back in 2014 and involved an upgrade and extension of the existing industrial complex in Wielenin near Uniejów to meet the needs of K-FLEX. It was an interesting and ambitious challenge. Our subsequent projects for this customer show that we are able to meet their expectations in terms of the project itself, technologies, reliability and timeliness”.

The new hall will be located within the K-FLEX complex in Wielenin-Kolonia, directly next to the regional road no 473, approx. 7 km from a junction on the A2 motorway and less than 8 km from the centre of Uniejów.