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Panattoni has developed a BTS centre for the Tenneco Group in Gliwice. The European Engineering Centre is to serve the company as a research and development centre for new technologies and Monroe products including conventional drive control systems (Monroe OE Solutions) and advanced suspension systems (Monroe Intelligent Suspension). Around 240 engineers are to work in the new 10,000 sqm centre to support both the leading automotive manufacturers and the other manufacturing centres of the Group.

The Silesia region continues to attract the giants of the automotive industry with centres such as Bielsko-Biała, Tychy and Gliwice becoming activity hubs for international businesses. The Tenneco Group – a eading producer and supplier of technology, components and original equipment for cars and trucks as well as commercial and off-road vehicles – has been active in Gliwice for many years. Panattoni has developed the European Monroe Engineering Centre for one of the Group’s subsidiaries just 2 km from one of its production centres.

“The global automotive industry is looking to Poland and the hi-tech building developed for the Monroe brand in Gliwice is to become a key centre in Tenneco’s portfolio alongside its other centres in Europe, China, India and the US to serve its clients with Monroe OE Solutions and Monroe Intelligent Suspension. This is a huge honour for us at Panattoni to have developed a project so important to the company’s growth. Now, we are providing not just technologically advanced factories but also technological R&D facilities”, says Marek Foryński, the BTS Managing Director at Panattoni.

The developer has delivered a combined area of almost 10,000 sqm including a 5,330 sqm building for the production of prototypes and the testing of all types of passive and semi-active shock absorbers. Among the main products to be designed and tested in the new research and development centre are technologies for cars, delivery vehicles and buses including shock absorbers and Monroe Intelligent Suspension systems. Together with the development of the new centre, Tenneco has invested in the latest computer-aided design (CAD) and Engineering (CAE) technologies as well as other solutions required to develop mechanical, electronic and hydraulic systems. Around 240 engineers are employed in the Monroe Engineering Centre to support a wide range of the world’s leading vehicle producers as well as the company’s Performance Solutions centres in Spain, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Poland.

As part of the project, Panattoni has developed an office area and is planning to submit this part for WELL certification for a rating of Gold. During its development, materials were used and solutions employed to improve the acoustics including acoustic panels and lamellae. Panattoni also delivered a laboratory with air conditioning and a resin floor. The developer also succeeded in completing a complex 3.7 MW electrical supply in record time.

Users of the centre will be able to use an outdoor relaxation area with benches and tables, They will also be able to use the bicycle shelters as well as swings made from recycled wind turbines.  On the grounds of the centre, Panattoni has also placed shelters for insects and birds as well as planted native species of trees and bushes, a landscaped lawn and a flower meadow that limits the watering required.

Tenneco will also have access to a wide range of solutions to limit its energy and water usage. An intelligent lighting system was installed, which includes an astronomical clock for the outdoor lighting. To save water, Panattoni has employed electronic taps in the bathrooms with a system for detecting leaks. The entire centre is to be certified under BREEAM for a rating of Excellent.

“Over 100 BTS centres have been developed by the BTS department of Panattoni in Central and Eastern Europe and this vast experience proved crucial with such a demanding development. We designed the project, purchased the land, planned the access to the utilities, ensured adequate access and finally delivered an exceptional office space and we succeeded in doing all of this on a very tight schedule. We want to thank the Tenneco Group for trusting  in us and making it possible to add a truly exceptional project to their portfolio”, says Michał Chodecki, the BTS Development Director at Panattoni.