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by Property Forum | Industrial

Panattoni built and is leasing a new, custom-fit facility to Corning Incorporated, a manufacturer of low-loss optical fibre. The facility is located in Mszczonów, a city near Warsaw, and is more than 20,000 sqm. It was customized to meet Corning’s specific manufacturing requirements for low-loss optical fibre production and to meet demand for high-speed connectivity in Europe and surrounding regions.

“We worked with Panattoni to develop a facility that can house our state-of-the-art manufacturing process and meet our precise manufacturing specifications,” said Corning plant manager Mariusz Bielawski. “Our new facility enables us to continue delivering optical fibre to our European customers at a time when demand is surging for 5G, broadband, and the cloud.”

Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director, Panattoni commented on the realisation of the high-tech factory for Corning: "This project is an exciting challenge for us. Working with Corning allows us to add service to a completely new industry to our portfolio. The production of state-of-the-art optical fibres requires a very specific working environment; however, tailor-made projects are our speciality, so we delivered a product that meets the customer's expectations. The excellent location near Warsaw and key roads also creates excellent conditions for further development."

The location in the Warsaw region, only 40 minutes from the capital centre, facilitates access to qualified staff and scientists. The proximity of the A2 motorway leading to Berlin and the S8 route towards Prague in the Czech Republic is also significant.