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Panattoni has begun constructing 8,700 sqm for InPost within the Central European Logistics Hub in Łódź. In 2021 alone, Panattoni completed logistics centres of nearly 100,000 sqm for InPost within eleven locations. Due to Panattoni’s completed projects both within city limits and on their borders, the end consumer receives quicker service including in small towns.

The Central European Logistics Hub, where Panattoni is to supply InPost with space, is a logistics complex created by the developer, which is also the largest such centre in Europe with a planned build-out area of over 720,000 sqm. The project is on ul. Jędrzejowska in Łódź just next to the A1, the only motorway in Poland to run from north to south. The Hub is barely 30 km from the Łódź Północ junction, where the A1 and A2 motorways cross. InPost has decided to implement its latest project - with an area of 8,700 sqm - within the hub, as this will allow the company to efficiently serve customers throughout the entire region of the Łódź urban area.

Nearly 100,000 sqm within 12 locations - this is the balance of all completed developments by Panattoni for InPost in 2021. New centres were built in Wałbrzych, Poznań, Wrocław, Kalisz, Siedlce, Goleniów, Białystok, Olsztyn, Warsaw, two in Kraków and XXX. Furthermore, Panattoni is to deliver another 85,000 sqm in the coming months - apart from the Łódź development - in its projects in Rzeszów, Tychy/Mikołów, Radom, Warszawa, Konin, Piła, Gdańsk, Grudziądz and Kraków.

“While just five or six years ago, not much more than 50% of internet users in Poland would shop online, today this figure is closer to 80%. A key challenge for parcel delivery firms is to minimise delivery times. Distribution centres within city limits or on their borders are excellent for this purpose and these are one of the types of centres that Panattoni specialises in,” says Robert Dobrzycki, CEO and Co-Owner of Panattoni and he adds: “It is also natural for InPost to develop its infrastructure. Its growing client base requires modern centres throughout the country, particularly when nearly 70% of its e-commerce customers live in towns of fewer than 200,000 people. This is why we at Panattoni, being able to assure them access to strategic locations, make a superb partner.”

“We have a highly developed logistics network in Poland to allow us to meet the tightest of delivery deadlines for our Paczkomat parcel lockers, which in effect means D+1. These days, it is no easy undertaking to effectively combine hub, transport and courier work, particularly when the number of parcels that we have to deliver daily is so high. This just shows how well we understand and are able to manage such a large network. Now we want to show off these competencies in Europe, where for years people have been struggling with problems of fast deliveries, on similar parameters as in Poland” points out Rafał Brzoska, president of InPost.