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Panattoni developer has leased approx. 13,400 sqm to VS Transport at Panattoni Park Wrocław VII. The tenant will be moving into the complex this April, and the developer is announcing the construction of a further 38,000 sqm at the same location.

The logistics operator VS Transport has leased 13,400 sqm at Panattoni Park Wrocław VII, from where they will be running operations for an international manufacturer of hygiene products. The tenant will be moving into the park this April. According to Damian Kowalczyk, Development Director from Panattoni: “Signing a lease at such short notice and the rapid adaptation of the space in the park to the individual needs of VS Transport was possible because of our mutual understanding as to the needs, expectations and, above anything else, business environments”. To date, the logistics operator has been leasing 6,000 sqm at Panattoni Park Wrocław VII and is now extending its capacity to 20,000 sqm.

Panattoni Park Wrocław VII is one of several Panattoni projects in Bielany Wrocławskie near the Wrocław Motorway Bypass. The complex is situated directly upon the national road no 35, in the vicinity of the A4 motorway, running east towards Katowice and connecting Wrocław with Germany in the west.

The demand for modern warehouse space which can be swiftly adapted to occupier needs has prompted Panattoni to announce an extension of Panattoni Park Wrocław VII. The construction of the additional 38,000 sqm will commence already in the second quarter. As a result, the Wrocław project will reach its planned capacity of close to 150,000 sqm.

Wrocław, along with the entire Lower Silesia, is reinforcing its position in the CEE region year after year, and this is reflected by Panattoni investments. To date, the developer has delivered 850,000 sqm here, within the framework of both proprietary parks and projects dedicated to specific customers, e.g. BTS Amazon. Panattoni currently has 85,000 sqm under development in Wrocław.