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Panattoni has acquired a 14.4-hectare site at ul. Miedziana to build City Logistics Katowice. Construction works at the park, anticipated to feature 70,000 sqm at full build-out, will commence before year-end.

City Logistics Katowice will comprise 4 buildings totalling 70,000 sqm, of which approx. 5,000 sqm will be dedicated to office space. Phase one provides for the construction of two halls, featuring 6,785 sqm and 21,359 sqm, respectively. The park will be built on a 14.4-hectare site in the north-eastern part of Katowice.

City Logistics Katowice will be right next to the national road no 86, just 5 km (10 min) from the Murckowska junction on the A4 motorway (running through southern Poland, from the border with Germany to Ukraine), and approx. 15 minutes’ drive from the A1 motorway, connecting the north and south of the country. There are also 3 international airports within a short reach of the park – Pyrzowice (29 km – 27 min), Krakow (50 min) and Ostrava (60 min).

The site at ul. Miedziana lies in a historic mining and metalworking area. The developer will have to remediate some 2,000 cubic metres of soil. The cost of the procedure is estimated to reach approx. €330,000 (about PLN 1.4 million).

“City parks are principally intended to address the needs of customers keen to fulfil online orders within short timeframes due to the development of e-commerce”, explains Marek Dobrzycki, Managing Director from Panattoni from Panattoni, adding “There are fewer and fewer available sites for warehouse development within city limits, hence the growing interest in land for reclamation and brownfield projects. In such projects, degraded post-industrial areas can be restored to a condition rendering them useful to new users, like in the case of the City Logistics Katowice site”.