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Four companies - Westwing, PF Logo Express, CEVA Logistics, and British American Tobacco - have decided to extend leases in the P3 Poznań logistics park. The combined area of these leases is 94,400 sqm.

German household goods e-retailer Westwing has decided to take up an additional 3,898 sqm in the park, bringing the total area it occupies up to 82,500 sqm. PF Logo Express, part of Dutch promotional products group PF Concept has renewed its lease for 49,679 sqm, of which 46,881 sqm is production and warehouse space with the remainder being office and social space. French firm Ceva Logistics has also signed a lease extension, for its 26,335 sqm premises, as has British American Tobacco, which leases 13,862 sqm of warehouse and 611 sqm of office space

"For years now, Poznań has been one of the most sought-after locations on the Polish warehouse map. It was also here where one of our first parks in Poland was established. Thanks to its excellent location, proximity to well-developed infrastructure and access to qualified staff, it enjoys enormous, unflagging interest. P3 Poznań is very popular, both among manufacturing companies and those that distribute goods to Western European markets. Furthermore, our partners appreciate the standard of our warehouses and our flexible approach. I am pleased the facilities which were put into operation several years ago continue to meet all the requirements of our partners and consistently foster their growth", said Magda Twarowska, the Head of Leasing at P3 Logistic Parks

P3 Poznań park is one of the largest logistic parks in western Poland. It is located south of Poznań, close to the S11 dual carriageway which connects to the A2 motorway. The motorway provides connections eastwards to Warsaw and westwards to Berlin. The list of the Park’s tenants features companies such as Westwing, Zaparoh, Clipper Logistics, and Colian Logistics.