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by Property Forum | Career

Online Real Assets and Lodestar have signed a joint agreement to provide the real estate sector with high-value integrated services. The deal will cover both the UK and Central and Eastern European markets.

London-based Lodestar has a reputation for helping corporate and real estate companies develop PR strategic direction as well as improving business performance and market development. Lodestar has worked with global brands, public sector organisations and for countless leading companies including ING, Deloitte, IBM, Capita and Multi Development. It has also worked with start-ups and PropTechs as this part of the market develops. “We recognise that the market is changing, and marketing needs to grasp the opportunities presented by technology,” comments Julie Fitzsimmins, Director of Lodestar.
From its head office in Hungary, Online Real Assets is the first start-up agency dedicated fully to the real estate market. It is doing this by tackling marketing and communication challenges through innovative PropTech solutions for the CEE region.
The innovative one-stop-shop online approach provides solutions from commercial listings through officerentinfo to lead generation, web building, virtual reality (UP2VR) and even a website (ChatBot) designed specifically for the real estate market. Its community application, Spaceflow, is approaching tenants as customers and is turning building information into a “vibrant place where everything and everyone in the building’s ecosystem converge”.
Its unique tools are turning traditional offline marketing into online marketing strategies and platforms, helping property owners raise occupancy and find new buyers more efficiently.
This new partnership will enable UK-based clients with an eye on expansion into the European market to tap into the expertise offered by Online Real Assets. And real estate companies in search of unrivalled knowledge of the British and wider European markets can now seek assistance from Lodestar, led by Julie Fitzsimmins.
Julie Fitzsimmins, Director at Lodestar, says: “It is such a joy to be working with the Online Real Assets team. The European real estate market continues to be gripped by challenging political and economic conditions. I think it is crucial to maintain an international focus and keep reaching outside of our borders and embracing what tech has to offer. By combining our collective knowledge and experience, we can help organisations both large and small avoid the many pitfalls and focus on growth.”
Vincent Vallois, CEO of Online Real Assets, adds: “We live and breathe the real estate market – as does Lodestar. My team and I have been impressed by the results achieved by the Lodestar team, project after project. Together, we will be able to help many more real estate companies across the UK and Europe with fully integrated services and innovative tech solutions.”