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Romanian developer One United Properties said it sold and pre-sold apartments with a combined value of €274.9 million during 2023, up by 63% year-on-year.

The total volume of sold and pre-sold units totaled 953 apartments, 1,584 parking spaces and other units.

“The completion of 1,430 units across four key developments – One Cotroceni Park, One Verdi Park, One Floreasca Vista, and One Timpuri Noi, represents another significant milestone for One United Properties, surpassing our total output in prior years, and therefore showcasing our role and position in the dynamic evolution of Bucharest. As we contribute to the city's development, we witness a steady demand for high-quality living spaces, a trend that indicates well for the economic future of the region,” said Victor Căpitanu, Co-CEO at One United Properties. 

Most of the residential sales were recorded in the One Lake District and One High District projects.

In the commercial area, the developer leased and pre-leased 34,200 sqm of office and retail spaces versus 31,700 sqm leased in 2022. One Tower and One Victoriei Plaza maintained full occupancy as of the year-end, while One Cotroceni Park 1 and One Cotroceni Park 2 were 88% and 75% leased, respectively. 

“The total number of new workplaces generated at the buildings owned by One is approximately 2,100, including new positions launched in Bucharest by global giants such as Siemens Energy, Ford, Stripe, and Bluetweak. These numbers underscore the healthy business climate in Bucharest and suggest a potential for continued economic growth in the region, as long as businesses are provided essential infrastructure to thrive,” said Andrei Diaconescu, Co-CEO at One United Properties.

One United Properties said it has around 265,000 sqm of land locations for new potential developments.

Shares in One United Properties were down 0.30% to 0.99 lei on Tuesday morning trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).