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Obermeyer Helika, a design and construction consultancy firm, has completed its work as general designer for the redevelopment of part of the former Světovar brewery in Pilsen. The TechTower Technology Park, which was built there, is open from 1 February 2023 to those interested in innovative entrepreneurship and offers unique spaces for technology enthusiasts, start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs.

TechTower is one of the most modern technology parks in the Czech Republic. It was created through the redevelopment of a real cultural monument - the former Czech brewery Světovar. The main building is designed as a complex of rentable offices, prototype, testing, exhibition and lecture spaces, meeting rooms and accompanying areas for employees and operating technicians. The City of Pilsen received a grant of CZK 181 million ( €7.7 million) from EU funds for the reconstruction of the facility.

For the project of reconstruction of a part of the immovable cultural monument of the former Czech Brewery Světovar in Plzeň, Obermeyer Helika provided the documentation for the building permit for the construction of the original administrative villa of the brewery, the documentation for the alteration of the building before the completion of the reconstruction of the main building of the so-called lager cellars, and for the entire project including the parterre, then the documentation for the execution of the construction including all engineering activities. The office also provided author's supervision during the construction. In preparing the project documentation, Obermeyer Helika based itself on an architectural study, the authors of which were Akad. arch. Milan Varvařovský with MgA. Tereza Varvařovská.

The subject of the reconstruction were mainly two historical buildings. Ležácké cellars with a thirty-two-metre water tower and a former administrative villa from 1910 to 1912.