News Article NEPI Rockcastle Nooka Space office residential Romania Sandu Băbășan
by Property Forum | Office

Nooka Space, a start-up that operates smart flex offices, has announced a partnership with NEPI Rockcastle for the implementation of flexible workspaces on the premises of the group’s retail portfolio in Romania. 

On this occasion, Nooka Space introduced Nooka Cube, a brand-new office model suitable for outdoor spaces. The first unit is now open in Promenada Mall, Bucharest. The network of smart offices designed by Nooka Space for NEPI Rockcastle shopping malls includes two other models of office booths, namely Nooka Air and Nooka Max. The offices will be placed in Timișoara and Sibiu, aside from Bucharest. 

“Innovation helps us to keep pace with changes and to meet the needs of today's consumers who increasingly value quality services, flexibility, and solutions that enable work-life balance. Nooka Space is committed to changing the hybrid working style, by designing affordable and private office spaces enhanced by technology,” said Sandu Băbășan, Co-Founder of Nooka Space. 

Globally, Nooka Space has offices in several residential areas, shopping centres, public spaces, and airports, in countries such Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, and France.