by Property Forum | Investment

Hungarian state-owned NIPÜF Group has completed another sales transaction with the sale of a nearly 3 ha plot in the Inpark Martonvásár industrial park, located southwest of Budapest. A Hungarian chemical company will build a 4,000 sqm production hall on the property by 2022.

The NIPÜF Group acquired a more than 77-hectare plot in Martonvásár, Fejér county in April 2020. The industrial park is directly next to the M7 motorway. NIPÜF is currently working on developing the infrastructure required for the operations of future end-users.

On the development plot now sold, Caola Zrt. will build a 4,000 sqm factory. The Hungarian-owned chemical company will manufacture disinfectants and cleaning products in the new facility both for retail and professional, in particular health care, users. The first stage of the project will create 40 to 50 jobs, but the size of the plot and the modular construction of the manufacturing hall allows for subsequent expansion, which could also lead to more jobs.