by Property Forum | Retail

In 2017, Green Caffe Nero, TK Maxx, Dla Spania, KappAhl, Newbie, Home&Deco, Good Label, T-Mobile and Forever 21 opened twelve new stores across Poland totalling more than 9,800 sqm of floorspace. Each project was delivered by the Retail Agency team of Cushman & Wakefield.

The largest projects include the opening of TK Maxx’s two-level store with a combined area of more than 1,800 sqm in Galeria Biała in Białystok, two-level stores of Forever21 in Warsaw’s shopping centres Złote Tarasy (1,000 plus sqm) and Galeria Północna (nearly 1,700 sqm) and one-level stores in Krakow (Serenada Kraków, more than 1,000 sqm) and in Szczecin (Galaxy Szczecin, 1500 plus sqm).
Cushman & Wakefield’s Retail Agency team also brokered a 71,3 sqm lease at Warsaw’s Galeria Północna shopping centre for KappAhl’s Newbie, a newcomer to Poland, selling high-quality clothing for children and infants. KappAhl, a Swedish fashion retailer offering clothes for men, women and children, also opened a 760 plus sqm store in this newly-opened retail scheme. New brands that have recently gained a foothold in Krakow’s Serenada shopping centre include Home&Deco (more than 750 sqm) and Good Label (more than 500 sqm).
“Retail spending has risen in Poland by 6-7% over the last two years. As Polish people are becoming increasingly aware consumers, the structure of expenditure is beginning to follow the patterns of more affluent countries. This is demonstrated by the number and profiles of brands entering the Polish market and the number of stores opened by existing brands. Forever21 is an excellent example of sustainable expansion in Poland. This U.S. fashion brand is opening further stores in shopping centres and, capitalizing on growing consumer interest, it is taking up large spaces,” said Lucyna Śliż, Associate, Retail Agency Development Director at Cushman & Wakefield.