by Property Forum | Industrial

Logistics company FIEGE has recently signed three transactions for 38,600 square meters at Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor, of which 19,600 square meters are new leases, including the just-completed new Building 11 totalling 14,000 square meters. With a total leased area in the park of 59,000 square meters, FIEGE has become the largest customer of Prologis in Hungary.

Building 11, the latest development in the park, has been designed with BIM, and features several sustainable solutions for operational efficiency. High-grade insulated wall panels and roof systems together with high-performance gas-fired heaters reduce heating costs by 30 percent. LED lighting and large skylights cut the building’s electricity consumption by 45 percent compared to the latest lighting standards. Smart meters optimize water, gas and electricity consumption.

“We knew that our customer had to deliver on its promises, so we worked hard to deliver on ours. Thanks to our long-term partnership, we understand FIEGE’s business operation and are able to provide them with tailor-made solutions that satisfy their needs. Building 11, backed by our dedicated property services and park amenities, will enable our customer to grow its business at this employee-friendly city location,” said Zsuzsanna Hunyadi, Leasing Manager for Prologis.