News Article BTS CTP Czech Republic development industrial lease Ostrava tenant
by Ákos Budai | Industrial

CTP is nearing completion of phase I of a new 25,000 sqm production facility which is being constructed for a new client, UK-based Stow, one of the leading suppliers of added-value warehouse racking and storage systems. The company's core activity is the development and manufacturing of racking systems for the storage of palletised or small goods and longer items, as well as mezzanine structures. 

Completion of the first 15,000 sqm is running 4 weeks ahead of schedule, and allows the client early access prior to final handover, which is scheduled for January 2017. The construction of Phase II will be commence immediately following the completion of Phase I, with handover scheduled for the final 10,000 sqm in June 2017.
CTPark Karviná is located 10 km from Polish border and 30km from Ostrava. The park’s accessibility is enhanced by the nearby Ostrava airport, 50km away