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Construction management in the Czech Republic is entering a new, digital era. The long-awaited change has not been easy. Having not enough time to get acquainted with the new regulations and digital systems, both sides, building authorities and builders are struggling, reports

From Monday 1 July, builders no longer have to go to the office with stacks of papers for dozens of stamps. The new Building Act valid in the Czech Republic allows them to do everything at home or from the office online on the Builder's Portal. Some builders were even so worried about Monday's entry into force of the new construction law that they overwhelmed the authorities with applications for permits still under the old rules by the end of June.

"The situation at some building authorities is difficult," admitted Ivan Bartoš, Minister for Regional Development. "There are several reasons for the current onslaught. One of them is that there will be an increase in fees for some categories of buildings. That's why some want to get an even lower rate," the minister believes. „It happened exactly what we have been pointing out for many months. The building authorities were overwhelmed with applications for building permits, including those hastily put together with many shortcomings," said Radomír Nepil, Prague 8 Deputy Mayor. "Submissions have increased by 40 per cent at the building office of Prague 8," added Nepil, who blames Bartoš for poor preparations. According to him, the officials did not have the opportunity to properly familiarise themselves with the new system. 

The new Building Act should speed up the entire permit procedure. Thanks to digitisation, all permits, statements and documentation will be available online. All concerned authorities and builders will communicate in a unified system. Deadlines are also supposed to help speed up. For example, a family house should receive a decision within 30 days, for more complex buildings, officials will have twice as much time. If authorities do not make a decision in time, construction will be permitted automatically. However, extended deadlines will apply until the end of this year.