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MLP Group has published its ESG strategy. The company intends to set high environmental standards in the logistics and industrial property sector. Respect for nature and care for the natural environment are to be the cornerstones of the activities carried out by the Group, which is developing a network of urban logistics parks in the Polish, German, Austrian and Romanian markets. MLP Group has set itself a goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2026.

“We employ the latest technologies in our projects, thus contributing to the protection of our planet. The logistics parks we deliver for use by tenants are the workplace for hundreds or even thousands of employees. That is why we are committed to making them a friendly environment, also by applying pro-environmental solutions and taking care of nature. We plant and maintain trees in our logistics parks, and we designate a significant percentage of the parks’ area as green space. In our new ESG strategy, we have included all key directions of activity and principal tasks to be completed to achieve net zero carbon emissions. We are focused on our goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2026. This is also very important for our tenants: environmental protection is often a major challenge for them, and at the same time they obtain tangible financial gains by, for example, using renewable energy,” said Tomasz Zabost, Member of the Management Board of the MLP Group S.A.


MLP Group's key goal is to reduce the company's negative environmental impacts and achieve carbon neutrality by 2026. The initiatives through which it intends to reach this goal include primarily: bringing down electricity and heat consumption and increasing gradually the use of renewable energy sources in the MLP Group projects. This will result in lower emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The company focuses on the use of environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials.

A strategic task is the development of solar photovoltaic systems. In 2021, MLP Group began construction of solar PV units in its logistics parks, with a target to build a total capacity of approximately 9 MW. This will enable energy consumption savings of about 9,000 MWh annually and a reduction of CO2 emissions by 6,380 tonnes per year. Starting from 2022, in all of the company’s logistics parks in Poland electricity will only be purchased from renewable energy sources, as confirmed by guarantees of origin. The green power purchasing policy will be continued in the next years.

It is the Group’s standard to have all new projects BREEAM certified as Excellent or Very Good, or as DGNB Gold or Platinum (in Germany and Austria). 


The Group takes part in the Noble Gift (Szlachetna Paczka) programme, supports the Poland Business Run Foundation, and engages in various charity events. MLP Group follows an equal opportunity policy in its recruitment and employment processes. In accordance with the policy, only such criteria as an individual’s skills and competence, experience and performance can be taken into account when hiring, evaluating and promoting company employees.


“Our main goal is to meet customer expectations. We offer modern high-quality warehouse space, fully tailored to the individual needs of our tenants. We cooperate with clients at every stage of the logistics park development process, from the location decision to design work, obtaining permits, construction and commercialisation, to property management. We operate in accordance with our code of ethics and corporate governance principles, and our core value is partnership,”  Tomasz Zabost emphasised. MLP Group has also implemented procedures for reporting violations of the law, including a whistleblowing mechanism.